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You are in the right place if you ...

  • ... long to express yourself and share your voice without hesitation, with confidence and with joy

  • ... are exploring your spiritual path and would you like to take it to the next level.

  • ... want to serve your clients better with your true voice and from a place of authentic power, aligned with love and wisdom.

  • ... wish to make this Earth a better place?  - - - Yes, we are on a mission!

It's a real joy and honour for me to support people in transforming their lives and enhance their skills to help others.
It’s my passion to help you to awaken to who you truly ARE.
I wish to help you align with your Divine truth and authentic voice. So you may sing, speak and share your gifts from your inner core BEING, filled with PEACE and LOVE and WISDOM.

Online Retreat - just for you alone!

Release current trauma & stress

Transform troubling emotions and thoughts

Grow spiritually by re-aligning and anchoring your Inner Being

SHINE your VOICE & LIGHT again! 


  • Have you ever felt unheard in conversations with others?

  • Are you hesitant to speak up or even suffer with blocks in your throat?

  • Do you long to share your opinion freely at work or in your private life?

  • Do you want to sing your heart out and reconnect to your soul?

  • Are you curious and ready to explore where this path might take you?

In the first session, you will:

  • Receive an exercise to support you and the awakening of your voice

  • Co-create in the process and receive what is there for you to receive at this point in time

Thank you very much for your heartfelt guidance in this session. I really experienced it as a playful way of personal growth using imagination and sound frequencies. I felt the transformation happening in the very moment. I’m so happy that it is really possible to transmute old pain instantly, by aligning to my higher self and connecting to my body. I feel relaxed and safe now.

Maresa, coach and healer 

DanaGita helped me to reconnect with an ancient guide who was not in my consciousness for a long while. During our sound healing journey through my body I could feel some old, but also unknown blockages in my energy field. The sounds we did together freed the energy flow through these places, which feels great. I am very curious to find out what changes the exercises she taught me will bring. Awesome results after only one session. Thank you.

Annette, therapist and healer  

DanaGita has a beautiful voice and a gorgeous soul.
Our sound healing session was transcendent. Afterwards, I can still hear her voice echoing with promise, and I cherish the recording of "my song".
Our session left me feeling settled and peaceful.
I still don't have words to really articulate, but it touched my heart and fed my soul.
I'm so grateful.

Stephanie, spiritual business coach

Take the next step in your journey of awakening your voice:

  • like the LIGHT BEING that you are

  • Like the SOUL that shines through

  • Like the PERSON that manifests it in it's fullest potential .........HERE and NOW!

 Awaken Your Voice -

Awaken Your Being

Awakening Package



(3 x 60 Minute Sessions)

“The first time you experience DanaGita’s singing, you might well wonder what is going on. If you are not familiar with voice work or shamanic journeys, you might find it strange.

Let’s face it, the last time most of us were sung to by one person, was probably one of your parents. So, this might feel a little strange. 


Stay with it, breathe through any discomfort and you’ll start to notice weird and wonderful things happening in your body. You may perceive unfamiliar sensations and visions. Things will start to shift, a pain may move, you might see colours, feel heat or lightness or bubbling, or nicely relaxed. And you’ll certainly feel cared for. 

But first you need to decide that you deserve this kind of loving care. It's special, very special."

Lynn   -    Business coach and copy writer 

Are you ready to dive deeper into your spiritual growth?

Do you feel that ongoing support will help you to stay on track to get to awaken to who you truly ARE? 
To not only explore your authentic VOICE but also awaken your true BEING?

Mentoring Package

If this resonates with you, let us connect and discuss if this is the right path for you.

I’ve served thousands of clients over the last 35 years.

Will you be next?