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The Awakened Voice

Are you a sensitive, curious explorer, like myself, who is on a journey of personal & spiritual discovery?

When I established my Voice Healing Academy in Switzerland in 2001, I never dreamt that I would be able to reach people globally online as is possible today.

You may have already experienced energy work, but sense there is more for you to heal and wonderful treasures you can find as you grow.

Come on a journey with me to The Awakened Voice.

I’ve brought 35 years of my expertise, experience and wisdom together to support you on your journey and teach you about your unique path to awakening.

Grüezi! Hello! Namaste!

I’m DanaGita, your guide and mentor at The Awakened Voice Academy where we follow my unique Awakening 5A process:

Align, Attune, Anchor, Allow and Awaken.

The Awakening 5A process tunes into the best and easiest way to help you align to your spiritual self, unhook and resolve any hindering blocks and patterns, unravel your voice, free your speech and unleash your creative self-expression.

It guides you to awaken your BEING and awaken your Voice.


means the "gift of song" in Sanskrit. I have come to understand the magic of this gift: awakening people to who they truly are by the power of my voice, as well as teaching it to you. When you discover your authentic voice, you can speak or sing your unique, deep truths from a place of peace, love, and wisdom, just as I have learned how to do.

My Expertise

  • Performing and teaching Overtone singing and voice improvisation
  • Spiritual music such as chants and nature songs, Gregorian chants, mantras and genuine AUM chanting
  • South Indian Music therapy
  • Polarity Wellness® Energy work, Reiki, EFT, 2-Point Matrix Healing
  • Yoga sciences and Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound)
  • Performance skills and voice coaching in business and academia


I channel and transmit energies and Sound-Light Codes with my voice from mystical faraway places, higher dimensions and realms. I support individuals in their spiritual growth as well as Mother Earth and humankind in their awakening process. And I love to teach others how to do the same.

The Awakened Voice Academy

I mentor seekers all around the globe through The Awakened Voice Academy.

You are also invited to come with me on an online spiritual journey to mystical sites or a retreat at mystical outdoor locations where we connect more deeply with Mother Earth.

When I’m not on one of my many journeys to spiritual sites around the world, I can often be found hiking, singing and doing Earth healing work in the Swiss mountains.

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