Awaken Your True Voice

Unleash your authentic voice and fully express your spiritual

creativity so that you can share your Soul's message with

clarity, confidence & joy.

A new group in the Awakened Voice Academy will start

again as soon as we have

6 voices that wish to awaken !

so if you like to learn more...

...go ahead and check out the details.

and contact me to have chat and see if this is the right fit and path for you.

Dear Healers, Change-Makers and Spiritual Seekers

Would you like to:

  • speak up or sing and share your heart without hesitation?
  • express your true power with love and wisdom while sharing your authentic voice?
  • share the full potential of your gifts and creativity without holding back?
  • boost your energy flow and immunity?

...then I invite you to Awaken Your True Voice

and change your life

Imagine expressing your truth and sharing your message with confidence and clarity.

Imagine creating impact with your voice as well as unleashing your creativity in any field of art, like singing, writing, dancing or healing..

Imagine deepening your spiritual path by attuning your heart and mind, and awakening your sacred voice.

Activate your throat chakra, connect your head and

heart and express our True Voice

The core of our work together will be clearing and activating your Throat Chakra and balance out your entire energy field.

An important part of this is to work with the Ether Element. This is the fifth element after earth, water, fire and air which connects you to your spiritual self.

Working with your light column and authentic voice, you’ll learn to clear your energy blocks. You’ll disentangle from all that hinders you to speak freely so that you can share your voice with confidence and joy.

By integrating these lessons and tools into your energy system, you create lasting transformation and true embodiment.

Awaken Your True Voice

In This 6-Month Journey of Self-Initiation and Healing

I, DanaGita, will guide you on this path to express your truth, unleash your creativity, and deepen your spiritual journey.​

Together we'll explore 7 key modules

while you awaken your true voice


Everything is Frequency

Explore the fascinating world of frequencies, vibrations and resonance and lay the foundation for the upcoming transformational journey.


Throat Chakra Magic

Discover the spiritual secrets of the throat chakra and its influence on your entire energy field and how it helps align your spirit with your physical existence.


Your Body, Your Instrument

Start your vocal and breathing training to allow your voice to become your unique instrument. You can use these skills to unblock energies and facilitate healing. This will be a continual process.


Voice Awareness

Grow your sensitivity for hearing, sensing and feeling the vibrations of your voice. Discover tested methods for transformation and self healing, so that your body and energy system can align to its highest possible potential.


Heal The Past

Experience how profound, yet easy removing blockages and karmic ties can be, by using your own voice frequencies. Clear your column of light and attune more deeply to your Soul.


Your Soul Song

Anchor your Inner Being and learn to draw on the highest inspiration possible to express your creativity. Allow your Divine Self to flow through you and discover your unique voice and soul song.


Share Your Message

Learn to use the Power of Words in alignment with Source. Awaken your Soul Language or Light Language. Dare to share your truth and express your unique Being.

Awaken Your Voice

Awaken Your Being

The Awakened Voice Path connects you to your true voice and the fullness of your creative expression through my 5 A*Key process - Aligning, Attuning, Allowing, Anchoring and... Awakening.

You’ll awaken not only your voice, but your whole Being. Sharing and expressing will become effortless and joyful. Singing and speaking will flow with clarity and ease, as you awaken your creativity in all areas of your life.

Introducing Your Guide

Dana Gita

I was born a Czech and have lived most of my life in Switzerland.

After suffering a severe health and life crisis in my early twenties, I found – by graceful guidance - my favourite healing modality, the sound of my own voice.

I am a trained singer, teacher and performer of spiritual music. I have been touring in Switzerland, Europe and India. I performed solo and in different ensembles as well as with my own overtone choir. I recorded the CD “Ananda Khanda - Treasure of Bliss", with mantra compositions and Overtone chanting.

In the last 35 years, I have explored the science of healing with vibrational frequencies, focusing on the human voice.

I have immersed myself in ancient European, Indian, Asian and Shamanic teachings including the sounds of archaic musical instruments; sharing this knowledge and skills in healing sessions, courses, journeys and retreats.

“Dana Gita is a new era intuitive vocalist who supports you in opening up to your true potential! In one of our distant healing sessions she worked on my throat chakra which shifted things for me in opening myself even more as a channel. I'm so grateful!”


Do you have a curious heart like me?

This, along with my inventive mind, playful spirit and my strong alignment to Source, have allowed me to develop many skills, some of which may be called extrasensory.

These gifts help me to serve each individual in the best way possible.

I have helped thousands of people just like you to find their unique voice for singing, self-healing and speaking up authentically and presenting their ideas. I’ve worked in the alternative health movements as well as in business and academia.

I am the co-author of the German award winning book “Einfach Singen”.

“It is wonderful to watch DanaGita work with others. She knows precisely how to best support any voice to become freer and brighter”.


The Awakened Voice Academy

When I established my Voice Healing Academy in Switzerland in 2001, I never dreamt that I would be able to reach people globally online as is possible today. I'm thrilled to now be able to share my expertise with the world.

The international Awakened Voice Academy was born. It is now more important than ever to align with our Divine Self and co-create in the process of ascension and global healing. The AVA method makes healers and change-makers experts in new voice-based modalities

"Awaken Your True Voice" is the first level in the AVA method. It starts by allowing you to first heal and explore for yourself, find your creative voice, your SOUL SONG and express yourself authentically.

“Dana Gita is an extremely versatile, knowledgeable and dedicated voice expert. She has an immense repertoire of skills, sounds, songs, treatments and paths to healing, silence and Being. I loved the Voice Healing Academy. Over the last seventeen years she has helped me to become who I am today.”

Coni - Voice Academy Graduate

This journey is for you If...

You want to stand in your power and share your unique gifts with the world

You’re on the path of inner growth, ready to go deeper and explore new areas

You use your voice daily to move people or are curious about how you might do this even better

Exactly what you’ll get when you join the AWAKEN YOUR TRUE VOICE program

7 modules of focused training videos, audio and worksheets

for you to work through at your own pace

6 monthy online teaching sessions (60-80min) in an intimate group of 4-7 members

3 private 60 minutes coaching and healing sessions with DanaGita

Individual comments on your assignments for each of the 7 modules

12 Heart Songs and Mantras aimed at helping you to expand your voice range and flexibility

Platform to share and learn from each other in a private Facebook or WhatsApp community

Replays of all live healing & coaching sessions in the membership area

Access to the membership for a total of 12 months

In this course, you will benefit from my very personal guidance.

In comparison with many self-taught courses in big groups, you will continually receive my attention and ongoing support:

  • in the small weekly group events with 4-7 voice students,
  • in the Facebook or WhatsApp Group and
  • in the individual coaching and healing sessions.

You can look forward to a co-creative process where I listen closely to what you need and desire. I'm looking forward to a journey of exploration and wonder together!

Additional Gems For You

#1 Free Meet-up Q&A

Interactive Awakening Voices Meet-up

Exact dates will be published soon

Register for the free meet-up by sending a short message: click here

  • Experience some of the voice magic DanaGita can offer - surprise :-)!
  • Learn about this program, the process and the goals
  • Have your burning questions answered
  • Meet with other participants

#2 Opening Ceremony

For a great start together, we will be creating our sacred space. We’ll start with a beautiful ceremony to set our intentions and invite blessings for this magical journey.

#3 7 Singing with the 5 Elements & 7 Chakras

This course is a prerequisite to getting admission to this AVA Level 1, and highly focused voice healing & inner growth program. Should you like to get access without having gone through this course, you will have to add these lessons to your itinerary because we are building up upon this knowledge and skillset.

#3 7 Days of Voice Magic

As a warm up you get access to this transformational series.

#4 Guest speakers

I have some surprise guest speakers and healers lined up for you

#5 Graduation Bonus - after completion of all assessments only

Follow-up session: I will help you craft your personal voice path and gift you an additional private 90 minutes session (Value $490) to create your tailor-made unfolding practice for your continual magical voice journey. To For me to be able to do that, I need you to follow this course diligently and complete all the assignments as they are designed to help you reach your goal.

Your investment for this 6-month journey:


Learn about the next chance to


The Awakened Voice Academy will launch again.

If you'd like to learn more, please contact me directly.

DanaGita - The Awakened Voice

I’ve served thousands of healers, change makers,

performers, speakers & spiritual seekers

Will you be next?

Join the life-changing

Awaken Your True Voice

Free your voice and explore its healing powers for your body, mind & soul.

Express your innermost Truth with confidence and clarity

Create the impact with your voice that you always wanted to have

Unleash your creativity in speaking, singing and writing

Deepen your spiritual journey by ALIGNING; ATTUNING and ANCHORING.


This is what you may want to know

*When do we start?

The starting date will be mid Aprilr. We take advantage of the power of the spring to get that boost of energy. No worries, we will take time off in summer for a time out.

Do I need to know how to sing?

It is nice if you are familiar with singing. Whatever voice skills you bring, you will find that you can grow and expand your skills even more.

But this course is not about learning how to sing beautifully - this course is all about awakening the healing quality in your voice and expressing your spiritual self fully!

However, when you remove old blockages, your voice and singing skills very often improve naturally. You being YOU, sounding your Soul Song IS your most beautiful voice.

I’m an accomplished singer, is this for me?

Absolutely. This course is about awakening your spiritual power within your voice. You will learn how to use your voice to heal yourself and to transform energies and grow spiritually.

And, there is always space to grow your range and enhance your expressiveness in your speaking or singing voice.

How much time do I need to reserve for this course?

To make the best of your transformational journey, you are asked to follow the bi-weekly recorded classes, taking no more than 40 minutes each week.

There will be an assignment (approx. 30 mins bi-weekly) to track your own progress and help you take ownership of your growth. Some of the practice will not require extra time. They can be implemented in your daily routine.

For a deeper metamorphosis, you are invited to take time for a 15 minute morning or evening sound routine. Depending on your voice skills, you might want to dedicate time to breathing and voice-expanding exercises during the day as well.


Approx 3 hours study and call monthly, broken down as follows:

- 40 minutes video/audio tutorial

- 2x30 minutes assignment

- monthly Zoom Group Coaching session 60-80 mins

My suggestion for the group calls is Friday or Sunday evening CET.

I am open to discussing this with the group to see what fits best, given different time zones.

PLUS recommended daily practice:

- 15 minutes sound healing meditation or individual breathing and vocal training

Enjoy this quality time of self-care and allow the best possible transformation to manifest in your life.

PLUS a bi-monthly private session for 60 minutes with personalised assignments.

When are the Zoom Group Coaching sessions planned?

Our monthly Zoom Group Coaching session will last between 60-80 mins .

My suggestion for the group calls is Friday or Sunday evening CET. I am open to discuss with the group to see what day and time fits best, given different time zones.

How long does the course run? When are we first meeting?

The course runs for 6 months. There will be 7 modules with a 2 week Christmas break and implementation weeks to give you some time to integrate. Doors opening will be on 17th September 22, and our first gathering and opening ceremony will take place on Friday 23rd. The course will close with a celebration event.

Where is the course held?

You will get access to a membership for all the materials and recorded teachings - this content will be available to you for 12 months. The monthly coaching sessions will happen live in a Zoom room and there will be replays available.

We will support and enjoy each other's progress in a private Facebook or WhatsApp group, we will decide this together.

What if I can’t make one of the live events?

All event replays will be available to you.

Is this course for female and male voices?

Yes - I adore working with all human voices, high and low, soft and strong.

During the course, all genders are asked to get in touch with their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Both are within us and we’ll learn how to express them in creative new ways.

Is there a refund policy?

Let us make sure in a private talk that this course is the right fit for you and you are happy to commit to this inner journey.

You have a 10-day trial period. During this time you are free to withdraw your commitment. After the 10 day trial period, there are no more refunds.

Are you eager to join this life-changing self-initiating and

healing program?

Click the button below, the door is open for you.

Welcome :-)

If you have any additional question, simply contact me through this LINK and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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