Spiritual Journey to

Celtic Ireland

This journey took place in the summer of 2022.

It was truly AWESOME !!!

Next dates? How about in 2025?

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Up to the next round :-)

Do you like mindful travelling with a purpose?

Do you feel attracted by mystical places?

Are you on your spiritual life-journey and ready to explore the

next level?

Then this might be THE journey for you:

Travel with us on this 11-day journey exploring the mystical energies of Ireland.

Visit ancient standing stones, circles, dolmen and passage graves.

Explore the beauty and magic of Nature, tune into Earth energies and

Fairylands, pierce the thin veils between realities.

Find a new alignment to your life's purpose and co-create in Earth healing and

planetary upliftment.

"Spiritual Journey to


8 - 18 August 2022

This journey is for you, if you

  • are fascinated by the mystical energies of Ireland
  • love Nature and like to explore the sacred powers in all creation
  • are curious and willing to explore the transforming powers of your voice, chanting, toning and easy sing-along songs
  • would like to be part of Earth-healing rituals contributing to planetary evolution

We will travel to well-known sacred power places, as well as sites off the beaten track. Among the sites are the Newgrange Complex, Slieve na Calliagh, the Hill of Tara, Kildare & St. Brigid’s sites, Glendalough and the Wicklow Mountains, sacred rivers and lakes, Lough Gur Stone Circle, the Burren, the Cliffs of Moher, Connemara and others.

We will be chanting, toning, singing and meditating, with the intention of reconnecting to our Self and creating a new harmonic resonance with Mother Earth through our attunement to her energetic system. We will hear stories of ancient times and receive information through channeling by co-travellers. This journey is a co-creative process and everybody is invited to share their gifts. That's even if you're not sure what your gifts are yet.

Join us if you feel called to take part in this journey of a life time and want to enjoy the richness of Nature, the healing power of your own voice and the company of open, like-minded, spiritual travellers.


The main language for the guided tours, group meetings and rituals is ENGLISH.


The price for the core of this awesome 11-day adventure:

From CHF 2990 / EUR 2720 (approx.)

See what is included in this price and all the details in the handout. Click the button below.

NOTE: Early bird reduction until 31.1.2022: CHF 100 / EU 90

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8 - 18 August 2022 :

Your travel guide

My name is DanaGita

“I am a singer, sound healer, consciousness coach and spiritual travel guide. I offer journeys for independent, spiritually mature travellers like you, who want to explore ancient cultures and connect more deeply with their heart and soul.

An integral part of these transformational journeys is working with the power of sound, chanting, mantras, nature chants and overtones, as well as energy work and silent and guided meditations to support our inner growth. I share my gift of channeling sound-light codes from higher dimensions.

It is my great wish to follow my calling to serve Nature and Mother Earth – GAIA. I channel sounds, activate and open spiritual spaces with my voice so that co-creative healing and transformation can happen - on multiple levels and in different realms. I also love to empower people and help awaken their own voice and support their inner growth.

I have travelled and explored Ireland and I gave workshops there in the early 1990s. Now, I am being called to return and co-create with the land, its people and mystical beings… and with you.

My mission is to gather spiritual travellers who are willing to embark on this inner and outer journey, share their gifts and Being in an amazing process of collective awakening.”

This is a journey of co-creation

We have some gifted singers with us. You do not have to be a singer, be simply

open to explore sound and voice work.

Some of us travellers are gifted channellers who will contribute with their skills in

our sound and earth healing process.

Christophe Hollanders from the Netherlands will be our host.

Everybody is invited to share their unique gifts, as well as their loving PRESENCE.

Testimonials from former journeys

“DanaGita, you were a wonderful, jolly and deep-sensing guide through these days. I loved the rituals at the sacred sites and the singing in Nature. You helped me lovingly through my inner transformation. I felt very secure, deeply honoured and gently guided in my growing out of my limitations. Thank you so much for your generously sharing your Being with us.

Maja, Mystical England 2019

“To be on a journey with DanaGita is a joyful and magical adventure. It fills me with awe again and again. She has the ability to find power places where she sings fascinating transformative sounds and melodies, and she fills sound chambers

and cathedrals with her otherworldly overtone chanting. Her sounds have the power to open channels and inner spaces within me, especially when we sing and chant together.

Thank you lots and looking forward to more."

Andrea, Mystical England 2018


„Do I need to be able to sing well to take part in this journey?“

You really don't need to be an accomplished singer to join us. Just be open to explore the liberating qualities of your voice and be willing to dive into this transformative process. We will work with the chakras and the throat-chakra in particular. We will be toning alone and in the group, improvising and singing Nature chants, mantras, and heart songs. You don't need to be able to read music. DanaGita will lead sound healing ceremonies and also give impromptu concerts and sound energy transmissions at the mystical sites and nature power places.

Do you have any questions? Please contact me, by signing up and answering the e-mail you receive.

I love to meet you soon! Slán go fóill!

Is this your calling?

You are very welcome to co-create with us…

and nádúr mháthair (Mother Nature) !

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