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at 20:00 h CET / 2pm EST

Voice Healing Workshops

Virtual Journeys to Power Places


Sound Meditations

Masterclasses on the Healing Power of Your Voice


Candlelight Event

Healing & Prayers


22nd Dec 2022

Bring our candles together to light up the darkest night.

Let us reconnect to our Inner Light and rebuild that shining unity that we ARE. From this inner space, we can send our prayers and well wishes to the 16 corners of the world.



⟡ Chanting and singing

⟡ Voice Healing instructions

⟡ Channeled sound bath

free - on donation basis

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Healing Concert


29th Dec 2022

Release all that you no longer need to move forward into a prosperous and happy NEW YEAR.

Open your senses to receive healing and inspiration to move ahead with joy and courage



⟡ This is for you to simply release and enjoy

⟡ Chanting and Voice Healing

⟡ Transmission of Sound-LIght-Codes


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New Years LIVE

3-hour Workshop


2nd Jan 2023

Do you long for a fresh start in the New Year?

Wish to be deeply connected to yourself & your Source?

Want to uplift your spirit, invite your wisdom and become that energetic vessel of light, love and peace?

Then join us in this co-creative space where we imagine, magnify and project our best vision of the coming year.



⟡ Find your best vision of HOW you want to live in 2023

⟡ Guided meditation and transmission of Sound-Light-Codes and overtones

⟡ Chant your own vision song-line into manifestation


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Past Attendees Testimonials

Thank you very much for your heartfelt guidance in this session. I really experienced it as a playful way of personal growth using imagination and sound frequencies. I felt the transformation happening in the very moment. I’m so happy that it is really possible to transmute old pain instantly, by aligning to my higher self and connecting to my body. I feel relaxed and safe now.

Maresa, coach and healer

DanaGita helped me to reconnect with an ancient guide who was not in my consciousness for a long while. During our sound healing journey through my body I could feel some old, but also unknown blockages in my energy field. The sounds we did together freed the energy flow through these places, which feels great. I am very curious to find out what changes the exercises she taught me will bring. Awesome results after only one session. Thank you.

Annette, therapist and healer

DanaGita has a beautiful voice and a gorgeous soul. Our sound healing session was transcendent. Afterwards, I can still hear her voice echoing with promise, and I cherish the recording of "my song".

Our session left me feeling settled and peaceful, I still don't have words to really articulate, but it touched my heart and fed my soul. I'm so grateful.

Stephanie, spiritual business coach

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