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Maresa, coach and healer 

DanaGita helped me to reconnect with an ancient guide who was not in my consciousness for a long while. During our sound healing journey through my body I could feel some old, but also unknown blockages in my energy field. The sounds we did together freed the energy flow through these places, which feels great. I am very curious to find out what changes the exercises she taught me will bring. Awesome results after only one session. Thank you.

Annette, therapist and healer  

Stephanie, coach and guide

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Virtual Journey
Opening your
Throat Chakra
5th Dec 2021

Opening your throat chakra, using the magic of your own voice and the iridescent colour of the blue cave.
Join us and explore how to easily connect  your head & heart.
We will travel to a magical place on an island in the Adriatic Sea in Europe.
Find a magical star portal... will tell you all about it :-)!

Blue Cave
in Croatia

⟡ Exploring a power place

⟡ Chanting and singing

⟡ Channeled sound bath

⟡ Ritual and healing


Ticket   $ 28

Learn More:
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