Awaken your Voice

Awaken your Being

“When you reconnect to your own Soul Song, you can heal yourself and uplift the world.”

Awaken your Voice

Awaken your Being

My name is DanaGita

It’s my passion to awaken people to who they truly are. I wish to help you align with your Divine truth and authentic voice. So you may speak or sing from your inner core BEING, filled with peace and love and wisdom. 


I have helped thousands of people just like you to find their unique voice for singing, self-healing and speaking up authentically and presenting their ideas. I’ve worked in the alternative health movements as well as in business and academia.

Over 35 years, my expertise has come together to support your journey along your unique path to awakening.


Overtone singing

Overtone singing is a special singing technique which I have mastered for 35 years.
I am singing two tones at the same time, creating flute-like intricate patterns and uplifting frequencies.
I sing i^

Now - just listen in and get yourself transported into spheric realms.

Your exquisite Overtones always takes me on a journey to otherworldly realms. Peace and silent joy fill my heart, sublime. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome gift.
Marianne,  singing student

Client's voices

“DanaGita is a new era intuitive vocalist who supports you in opening up to your true potential!

In one of our distant healing sessions she worked on my throat chakra which shifted things for me in opening myself even more as a channel. I'm so grateful!”


Healer and Channeler

DanaGita has a unique gift:

While she connects with her Higher Self, music becomes the tangible expression of Divine Love, encompassing the rhythms of nature to free ideas, gifts and visions, as well as whatever is stressing the physical, emotional and mental bodies. The music and sounds she channels are more than just audible sounds and music, they embody a complete non-physical code that is so needed to rise love, consciousness and healing for our entire planet.


Coach and guide

The Awakened Voice Academy

"Learn how to use your own voice as a healing tool for yourself and others"

“Dana Gita is an extremely versatile, knowledgeable and dedicated voice expert. She has an immense repertoire of skills, sounds, songs, treatments and paths to healing, silence and Being. I loved the Voice Healing Academy. Over the last seventeen years she has helped me to become who I am today.”

Coni - Voice Academy Graduate

 Experience DanaGita's amazing voice and healing magic

New Book Launched

"They are Magic"

Together with 12 men and women, we have created a book filled with hope, inspiration and light.

In my chapter «Gates of Awakening» I share the story of my inner growth and awakening… and how my voice became my greatest HEALER and guide through the heights and lows on my life’s journey.

The kindle version is available for just $0.99 USD.  LINK: Please grab a copy and be inspired.

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