Do you love to SOAR HIGH?

Are you WELL ROOTED within yourself ... to sustain that adventure?


"Of Roots and Wings"

I'd love to share this complimentary 4-minute channelled voice healing with you. 
This will bring you:


Deep rooting and relaxation for your body and mind

An energy shift and opening up to lightness and joy

A realinment to your light and peace within

This is more than just a piece of music – it is a soothing, transforming and uplifting experience for you to enjoy in your own home.


Take some time out from your busy life, relax and enjoy some quality time just for yourself.

“A tale of earthly depths and soaring hights. Connected, playful, versatile – a real treat.”    Coni, Switzerland

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Hello, my name is DanaGita

I support and guide sensitive and empathic people, who have already been on their spiritual path for a while and who want to take that next step on their spiritual journey to fulfilment and freedom.


I open healing spaces with my voice and channel energies and LIGHT-SOUND CODES. This helps you to reconnect to Soul-Source and activate your highest gifts, supporting you to grow personally and spiritually. I also teach how you can do that for yourself.

You are in the right place if

  • you want to grow and become clearer about your soul purpose. From there you can find ways to share your unique gifts with your fellow beings on this beautiful planet Earth
  • you would like to explore your voice as a tool of self-expression and wish to find your true voice and express it authentically, with confidence and joy
  • you wish to learn ways of using your own voice and energy flows for your transformational journey

DanaGita means the "Gift of Song" in Sanskrit

Dana is my Czech first name and means "gift" - "Gita" was given to me in India back in 1989, meaning "song". What a present! I have been a professional singer, Overtone artist and energy healer for over 30 years now and a spiritual seeker for even longer.


I work and co-create with my clients using intuitive voice healing, energy work and meditation, as well as transformational voice coaching. I have been gifted with knowledge of what I call LIGHT-SOUND CODES. One of my passions is to lead Spiritual Voice Healing Journeys to power places and mystical sites.


We can connect and work together in one of 3 ways:

  • Private online coaching
  • Group online programs
  • Joining life-changing journeys to mystical places

Contact me to request more information or to set up a discovery call with me

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