V.I.P. Breakthrough


Let your voice and your light shine bright again... and share it

14 days of intensive healing & mentoring in an online* retreat

Who is this V.I.P. (very intensive process) for?

This limited offer is aimed at healing professionals, educators and change-makers who understand that their own healing, breaking through barriers and expanding their SHINING LIGHT and sharing their TRUE VOICE are key to being able to support their clients in

the best way possible.

Are you ready to release trauma and stress and

embrace more ease, calm and joy?

Are you willing to get over a shock or challenge that's

caused you to experience strong troubling emotions?

Are you curious about how to awaken your own voice

as a healing instrument and transformational tool for yourself?

Are you eager to take your personal and spiritual

development to the next level by connecting to

your guides and re-aligning to Source?

Then this is for you

Introducing DanaGita's

V.I.P.* Breakthrough


V.I.P. here means 'Very Intensive Process'

But, of course, you are also a 'very important person' in this

process - the most important one. So come and embrace it.

EACH MONTH there is currently ONLY 1 SPOT available for this truly unique,

personal experience. This is simply because I love to put my attention fully on you and your inner process. You are my one and only V.I.P for this time span!

UPDATE: >>> you can book your V.I.P. Retreat until the 31st of

December 2022 for a reduced price!

* This is set up as an online offer - but if you are anywhere near Switzerland, then I'm happy to guide the first three days as an

ON-SITE V.I.P. Immersion Retreat

in a beatiful place :-)

This retreat is for you if you recognise one or more of


You want to shake off the stress, gloom, anger or sadness and are eager to find new motivation in your life

You would love to feel aligned and whole, but aren’t sure how to get there

You are recovering from a major shock and wish to break free from it

You feel stuck, have no energy or are feeling irritated and want to get your juices flowing again

You are open to exploring voice and consciousness techniques that help you unravel your gifts and share them with confidence.

You feel it’s time for a deep transformation and are open for that huge leap ahead, so you can enjoy the beauty of life, even more than before

Sound good? Read on 👇

Sometimes we need that extra focus to break old patterns for good and rise above problems… If you wish to tackle some of the burning issues in your life, I am here to guide you on this exciting path to release “stuff” - with ease and grace.


We are not retreating from " everyday life". On the contrary, I will guide you to implement new habits, skills and apply your new insights and wisdom to your everyday life.


What does the V.I.P. Breakthrough Retreat


⭐️ Pre-retreat call - We start with a RETREAT INFO CALL - 60 minutes free of charge (look out for

the red buttons). We want to make sure that we are a good match. We will be working deeply

together, so this step is essential. After this call you decide about your next steps.

⭐️ Planning - We will arrange the dates* for your first live calls on Zoom.

* YES, we can also be a bit more flexible in how we time your coaching sessions :-).

AND there is also the option to deep-dive the first part in an ON-SITE VIP IMMERSION REREAT in

Switzerland, in English or German :-)!

⭐️ Day 1: Night before your retreat starts - We meet for your first session, intake and Energy

Voice Scan (using my extrasensory skills).

⭐️ Day 2: Retreat - Two 60-minute sessions with assignments in between and time for rest (very


⭐️ Day 3: Retreat - Two 60-minute sessions with assignments in between and time for rest and

nature assignment.

⭐️ Days 4 to 14 - Retreat in everyday life circumstances

Two more creative sessions of 60 minutes as well as feedback on the assignments. One hour of

homework every day. This will allow you to deepen your journey and implement your new insights

and skills into your everyday working and family life.

Included: We’ll stay in close contact for the entire two weeks. You’ll get the instant WhatsApp

support you need. I’ll be here for you throughout your whole retreat.​

Bonus 1: As a last day gift you’ll also receive a personal healing song and guided affirmation

recording to practise with and to lead you into your bright future ahead.

"DanaGita has a beautiful voice and an even more beautiful heart that she uses to heal the hearts of others. She creates a space that is so gentle and safe that it becomes possible to access and heal aspects of yourself that you might be afraid to address alone. In our sessions, she led me on inner journeys that allowed me to release long-held pain.

If you want a very loving and transformational process where your personal potential can be accessed beyond what you thought possible by a remarkable master healer & teacher, go and accept this offer. And, by the way, your voice will improve too :-)!"

Susan, coach and healer, New Hampshire US

PS: DanaGita, you really are magical.

What will you be doing and experiencing at your Breakthrough Retreat?

During your breakthrough retreat, I will guide you all the way.

You just have to be present, relaxed and open to the co-creative experience. The assignments will be varied, depending on what you need to take for your next step.

I’ll explain these during our sessions or send you written instructions and pre-recorded videos for you to keep (including some only available to my Awakened Voice Academy students).

You will have homework to do: practising, journaling and whatever we co-create together that might best support you on your transformational journey.

So, you’ll always know exactly what to do to create a very loving, joyful and profound experience.

So tell me again what this includes?

An assessment and Energy&Voice Scan of 90 minutes

Personalised transformational exercises and assignments

Plus a total of 6 x 60-minute sessions over the course of two weeks (or whatever we agree on)

Personal healing song and guided affirmation recordings

Continuous phone message support between your sessions for two full weeks, so you won’t ever feel alone in this transformational process.

What's my investment for this V.I.P. (Very

Intensive Process) Breakthrough


Firstly, your time, focus and care for yourself:

We will be starting with an assessment, then 2 full days of 4-5 hours, followed by 11 days of 1 hour homework or sessions to deepen

the process, follow the instructions and implement new ways of self-

care to support your transformation.

Your financial investment for all of this is


This AUTUMN with a 25% discount >> so only $1485*

Are you ready to dive into this V.I.P. = very intensive process

of healing and transformation, now?

There is limited access to a scholarship.

Please tell me about your situation.

* the price varies for the ON-SITE Immersion


Imagine, what will become possible for you after this retreat!

Once you follow the call and focus deeply on transforming and healing, what’s troubling you?

How much happier and lighter you will be, ready to take your next steps in your life with deeper trust and confidence.

How you will have gathered a new set of skills to always be able to transform stress, anger or sadness into brightness, joy and love.

How you will be able to serve your clients, peers or family even better than before and share your gifts and love with them.

How do I apply?

This offer isn't booked with a "buy now" button, because I really want to make sure this is the right

step for you. Feel how this resonates with you and if you'd like to know more, simply book your

FREE 60-minute RETREAT INFO CALL with me.

That’s where we’ll check that we’re a match.

I’m arranging the retreats on a first-come, first-served basis.

Only 3 spots available this summer until the end of July!

So if you feel the calling, please book your 60 minutes self-care-time.

If not now - then when?

Just click the button below and fill in the contact form.

Who is DanaGita?

It's my passion to awaken people to who they truly ARE.

I wish to help you align with your Divine truth and authentic voice.

So you may shine bright and share your gifts from your inner core BEING, filled with peace and love and wisdom.

I'm a vocal sound healer, transformational voice coach, spiritual guide and the founder of the Awakened Voice Academy.

As a trained singer, performer, voice and presentation coach, I’ve spent over 35 years perfecting techniques to help thousands of clients feel more at ease with their voices and - consequently, within themselves.

I love to share all my gifts - some of which are considered extrasensory, and use the transformational power of Sound-Light Codes and consciousness tools to support you in healing, awakening and aligning to your true Inner Being.

I’ve also reached over 10,000 people at concerts with spiritual music, recorded my own compositions and have written and been featured in several books.

I live in Switzerland and when I'm not travelling to magical places, - like here to Ireland, Lough Gure - I spend my free time hiking, singing and meditating.

How do I know this is the right path for me?

Yes, let's talk. If you don’t know me yet and haven’t experienced what I can offer and co-create with you, it might be a challenge to believe that I can help you? I get it.

Since you have come this far and are contemplating these lines, there may very well be your inner guides nudging you. Just trust your intuition... your Higher Self knows what is best for you.

But in the meantime, read what Lene and Coni have to say about working with me:

"Dearest DanaGita, I love to feel alive and aware of the new spaces you helped me discover. I love to work with you in this intense, profound and yet playful way. Your work as a whole, your ability to heal by singing, your scope as a quantum healer and channeller, are remarkable and I still benefit on so many levels.

One significant healing happened about my issues with my ears (tinnitus and hearing loss). I now understand what lies behind it from earlier physical damage and the mental, emotional, and spiritual meaning.

Our sessions and your instructions had a deep impact and it's still working from within. I have changed my mental outlook to a softer, more grounded and openhearted approach towards myself, my ailments, everything & everybody.

Thank you, Love & Light"

Lene - Health practitioner, Denmark

“Dana Gita is an extremely versatile, knowledgeable and dedicated voice expert. She has an immense repertoire of skills, sounds, songs, treatments and paths to healing, silence and Being. I loved the Voice Healing Academy. Over the last seventeen years she has helped me to become who I am today.”

Coni - Teacher, Voice Academy Graduate, Switzerland

About my techniques and how they can work

for you

So, these are two client voices of many, but you might not have ever experienced anything like this before and wonder about subtle energy and voice healing. Then you might like to know that frequency healing is one of the fastest growing healing sectors worldwide. And more and more people are learning this and .... I love to teach these skills at my Awakened Voice Academy.

But we do NOT STOP there - I know how to work at levels beyond energy - some call it the Quantum field. Once you’ve experienced this, it will change your view of how healing works completely. We are living in a time where transformation is getting faster and - what’s more - deeper! We are now easily able to step out of our karmic loops! It all depends on our willingness to align, attune, allow, anchor and AWAKEN.

You might still be wondering if this will work for you (and that would be perfectly natural). So, here’s what I’ve learned about my frequency techniques and quantum healing. You don’t need to understand how they work, you just need to be open to the possibility of them working - and then you have the chance to sense and feel it for yourself. It’s all about your personal experience!

Yes, it helps if you’re curious and open to the UNKNOWN (and if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you are a tad bit curious, right :-)?) Your readiness to dive into the exciting transformational and co-creative process will strongly influence your journey and outcome.

Ok, what if you are still in doubt and have questions?

Well, that’s perfect, you are taking good care of yourself (and we all need to do that). Let's take this as a sign of your innate curiosity and talk about your concerns during our RETREAT INFO CALL, 60 minutes free of charge. We both need to find out if we’re a good match and this call is a perfect way to do this. I promise to be utterly open as well. This really is an exploration for both of us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value in this investment?​

Any time I work with someone in this intensive way, I am holding a sacred space all the time, which means I need to be completely open and present. So, I prepare with meditation, clearing and my own energy healing techniques. And you get special support throughout the whole period, as well as distance healing when it is needed. A life-changing transformation for you also requires a lot from me. Which I’m very happy to offer. You will enjoy this journey, with all the attention and time, extra videos, loving care, energy and expertise that goes into this retreat.​ I'm here for you!

I fear this might be too intense and time-consuming for me right now.

As suggested here, this is the way we would typically work together, but if any of this is too intensive for your current situation, I am happy to discuss and create a tailored timeline for you. Also, you could do the first part of the retreat over a weekend.

Let's just ask joyfully: how can it be arranged so I can best benefit from this offer?

I’d love to do this, but don’t know how to justify this to my partner (or myself!)

Well, first of all: I know, this can seem like a big hurdle. I think it’s important that you realise where you are now and where you want to be. If I know more about your situation, I might very well be able to show you a way. Let’s explore this together and see what you need now. If I feel it’s not right for you right now, I’ll tell you.​

So please book your 60 minutes FREE call by using the purple button below.

Do you have a guarantee?

I’m very confident about my work and inner guidance, profiting from 35 years of deep inner work and experience with thousands of clients. However, this is a co-creative process and, of course, it will require a lot of engagement, openness and time from your side as well. Come to your Breakthrough Retreat and experience for yourself how these amazing techniques work. If we find that the process is not quite completed after the retreat and follow-up sessions, I’ll be happy to gift you an extra session to make sure that you get the best possible outcome.​

How do I apply for this special offer?​

If you’re keen to transform your life and take your development to the next level, please book your 60 minutes FREE RETREAT INFO CALL - using the button below. I’m arranging these spots on a first-come, first-served basis for the time frame stated above. So if this speaks to you, please book your call NOW.

Ready to start NOW?

I’ve served thousands of people;

healing professionals, spiritual seekers,

performers, speakers and change-makers.

Will you be next?

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