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Awaken Your True Voice

Unleash your authentic voice and fully express your creativity so that you can share your message with clarity, confidence & joy.

The first course of the Awakened Voice Academy will launch again

in SPRING 2022

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Awaken Your

True Voice

Unleash your inner creativity so that you can share your message with clarity, confidence & joy

We start 16th April*  
on this 3-month ONLINE course of self-initiation and healing

Dear Healers, Change-Makers and Spiritual Seekers

Would you like to:

  • speak up or sing and share your heart without hesitation?
  • express your true power with love and wisdom while sharing your authentic voice?
  • share the full potential of your gifts and creativity without holding back?
  • boost your energy flow and immunity?


...then I invite you to Awaken Your True Voice and change your life 

Imagine expressing your truth and sharing your message with confidence and clarity.

Imagine creating impact with your voice as well as unleashing your creativity in any field of art, like singing, writing, dancing or healing..

Imagine deepening your spiritual path by attuning your heart and mind, and awakening your sacred voice.

Activate your throat chakra, connect your head and heart and express our True Voice

The core of our work together will be clearing and activating your Throat Chakra and balance out your entire energy field.

An important part of this is to work with the Ether Element. This is the fifth element after earth, water, fire and air which connects you to your spiritual self.

Working with your light column and authentic voice, you’ll learn to clear your energy blocks. You’ll disentangle from all that hinders you to speak freely so that you can share your voice with confidence and joy.

By integrating these lessons and tools into your energy system, you create lasting transformation and true embodiment.   

Awaken Your True Voice

In This 3-Month Journey of Self-Initiation and Healing

I, DanaGita, will guide you on this path to express your truth, unleash your creativity, and deepen your spiritual journey.​

Together we'll explore 7 key modules while you awaken your true voice

MODULE 1   -   Week 1       

Everything is Frequency

Explore the fascinating world of frequencies, vibrations and resonance and lay the foundation for the upcoming transformational journey.

MODULE 2   -  Week 2

Throat Chakra Magic