The Stromboli Volcano

"Shamanic Journey and Ultrasonic Sound Activation"

SUNDAY, 26th May 2024


Welcome to a very special event and activation with Esther Isis and DanaGita who will pass on the newest upgrades from the Island of Stromboli.

This event is for healers, light-workers, singers, sound healers and

all those who want to connect with higher dimensions and upgrade their column of light to the next level.

Join us in this activation event

Sunday 26th May 20:30 CEST - on Zoom

Stromboli - this remarkable power place...

... is situated in the Mediterranean Sea in Southern Italy and is the most frequently active volcano on Earth, spewing lava and stones every 20 minutes!

We travelled there, simply on holiday… Little did we know, this journey was looong planned, exactly with the two of us. We were asked to combine our unique gifts to co-create with this beautiful BEING and our many guides from different realms.

This volcano has NOW been activated to receive and emanate "Inaudible sounds from beyond Creation".

Thanks to Esther's channelling, we are told that these ultrasonic sounds emanate from Pre-Source Essence and are set up to recreate the grids around the world that will and already have started to enable TELEPATHY and TELEKINESIS for humankind again. WOW!

Enjoy the details on Esther's blog :

Is the Gift of Telepathy Returning?

We will take you there...

… to this huge portal into Inner Earth and to the Highest Dimensions,

receiving and emanating the Bright White Light from Pre-Source Essence.

DanaGita will show you the keys to creating high-pitched sounds with your voice, if you'd like to try. You receive a transmission and activation of the inaudible Ultrasonic Sounds, an upgrade for your column of light.

Esther Isis is a great channeler and will invite the fields and her ET friends to contribute.

There are always surprise visits when we co-create with a group of wonderful light-workers like you.

Together, let's create a magical, uplifting field that nourishes the new grids and radiates into the collective.

⟡ Will you be one of us? ⟡

⟡ REPLAY available for 30 days! ⟡

The only thing you need to bring along is your curiosity and an open heart. Your presence and energy are so precious. We will be co-creating on this journey. Be ready to share your love and wisdom and spread higher vibrations all around the globe.

Hello, my name is DanaGita

I love leading spiritual journeys and voice healing retreats. As we cannot always travel to these places in person, I facilitate Virtual or Shamanic Journeys. It is truly astounding how powerful this is. Come along and explore the magic from the comfort of your home.

I am a cosmic singer, vocal coach, intuitive healer, and the founder of Awakened Voice Academy. Through my voice, I open healing spaces and channel SOUND-LIGHT CODES. This helps you connect to your soul even deeper, align with your life's purpose and activate your highest gifts. I love to travel the world on solo missions or with groups of light-workers.

Many guides and teachers have been by my side throughout my life, and I am forever grateful for their support. A few of the initiations I received and utilize now are the activation of the THROAT CHAKRA DIAMOND and vocal sound healing to connect with and embody Source Essence.

Recently, I have understood, accepted, and embodied the gift of bringing forth inaudible "Ultrasonic Sound that carries Pre-Creational Essence" to this Earth; grounding it in our bodies and on the planet, activating and infusing light grids with frequencies that allow for the return of TELEPATHY and TELEKINESIS to humankind.

I believe that our life's journey is about embracing who we truly ARE, embodying love and peace, sharing our gifts, and supporting the awakening process of all.

My tiny version of the volcano 😉

Please meet my dear friend Esther Isis van den Wildenberg

Esther sees herself as a bridge between dimensions. As a Channel & ET Healer she works on all layers of your Being. With her Star Family from Sirius B and other star races she brings healing, love, humor and information that can support you in your unique path of growth.

In 2023, her Oversoul Isis started to download herself into her body, an ongoing process that connects her on a deeper and deeper level with the Divine Feminine within.

Esther is grateful to have guided many magical journeys to the Bosnian Pyramids and Egypt. And recently, she co-created deep transformational work on the grids at the volcano Stromboli in Italy.

Malta will be a next multiD adventure 😊. Esther's way of working is based on equality—we all co-create the magic and healing—and she loves to hold space for people to be fully themselves so they can thrive.

Words that fit her well are: open, joy, light, multidimensional and presence.

Read her latest blog related to this event: "Is The Gift of Telepathy returning?"

This is her website: www.sanistrella.nl

Ready to explore the island of Stromboli

Virtual Journey and Activation at the

Stromboli Volcano

Sun, 26th May 2024

20:30h CEST / 2:30pm EDT

approx 75 minutes

Replay available for 30 days

Exchange €18


DanaGita, you truly are an inspired priestess of voice and the elements. Thank you for taking me to the sacred sites you love and know so well. I could really experience a sense of the places and their magic, although I am continents away. It really was a sacred inner journey.

Elizabeth, South Africa

Dear DanaGita,

I have just now travelled with you to Avebury. Even in the replay, I have felt a deep connection to the stones, also through your nice singing and toning.

In particular, the sun disk stone touched me deeply.

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience.

Stefanie, Germany

DanaGita is a voice healer and Earth acupuncturist. In her unique virtual journeys, she takes you to magical places, inside and outside. Her

passion and access to "other

realms" will allow you to explore

those places, and have precious experiences that will help you move forward on your own spiritual journey.

Brigitte, Czech Rep.

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