Self-learning Course with Monthly Q&A Sessions

Singing with the

5 Elements & 7 Chakras

Activate your physical & subtle energy body

with the power of your voice

for true embodiment and harmony

Within only 7 weeks...

Imagine your own voice as your personal healing instrument - available to you whenever and wherever you need support.

Imagine deepening your spiritual path by connecting to the 5 Elements of Nature in your own energy field.

Imagine becoming balanced within your physical and energetic body by aligning & activating your 7 Chakras.

This 7-week self-learning course is for you if you want to:

  • Awaken and free your voice by learning 5 simple vowel exercises
  • Discover the balancing power of the 5 Elements of Nature
  • Activate your 7 Chakras - from the physical level all the way to the quantum field
  • Feel more grounded than ever for true embodiment
  • Replenish your physical body by deeply connecting to Nature
  • Wish to receive personal support in a monthly live Q&A call
  • Expand into effortless flow and get inspired for the next step in your life
  • Find the power of Creation within you… so that you can shine your NATURAL beauty?

In just 7 weeks, you'll learn to ignite the power of your very own voice and how to activate the 5 Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether) that correspond to your Chakra System.


The essence of this course is for you to experience yourself as an energetic BEING, vibrating with different frequencies of energy - from physical to subtle to quantum. And all of them are connected through "vibrations" - audible or inaudible.

🕉 All is vibration - all is frequency 🕉

On this journey, I'll guide you to deeply realise that you are a vibrating natural being and feel that truth on a cellular level. We are created from the very same stardust and vibrate in a multitude of frequencies as everything else in nature... We ARE Nature.

We will connect to the 5 Elements of Nature: Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether. It’s actually the subtle level of the physical Elements (Sanskrit: Tattvas) that we connect to. We clear and activate our OWN energy fields, which then creates the inner stability needed to open up to the quantum field - and beyond…

Join this course and explore this unique way to find valuable balance, physical health and emotional strength.

By integrating these lessons and tools for your energy system into your self-care routine, you create lasting transformation and true embodiment.

Join and start anytime in this 7-week self-learning course...

You'll explore in your own

pace HOW to activate the 5 Elements of Nature & your 7 Chakras...and


This is what you get in your weekly course material

for the next 7 weeks:

WEEK 1 - Earth Element & Root Chakra

We'll start with the basics... with Earth & the Root Chakra. Build stability within yourself by growing your roots deep into the Earth - and experience grounding like you never have before.

PLUS: Learn a new chant for the Earth element to sing along with.

WEEK 2 - Water Element & Sacral Chakra

Discover how to access effortless flow and expansion wherever you are, by activating the Water Element & your Sacral Chakra. Open up your creativity and go with your unique flow.

PLUS: Learn a new chant for the Water element to sing along with.

WEEK 3 - Fire Element & Solar Plexus Chakra

Set your joy and power free with the Fire Element & your Solar Plexus Chakra. No more holding back! You'll learn some very powerful breathing techniques as well.

PLUS: Jam with us and learn a new chant to ignite that fire within you!

WEEK 4 - Air Element & Heart Chakra

Embrace your sensitivity and welcome lightness and joy into your life with the Air Element & your Heart Chakra. Sing your heart out and ENJOY the vibrations of sound and your own Voice.

PLUS: Learn a new song for the Air element and fly with us!

WEEK 5 - Ether Element & Throat Chakra

Experience how profound yet easy it can be to remove blockages, by using your own voice frequencies. Tap into the spaciousness and peace of the Ether Element & your Throat Chakra. Expand your energy field and shine your authentic voice.

PLUS: Experience DanaGita's overtone singing and give it a try yourself ;-)!

WEEK 6 - Combining All 5 Elements

You are made of the same elements as all of Creation. Become the physical vessel through which Creation expresses itself - and surrender to the magic...

PLUS: Learn a great song that celebrates Nature and weaves together all the elements. Build a solid base for your spiritual growth

WEEK 7 - It's Only Up From Here...

Third Eye & Crown Chakra

Activating all 5 Elements with your voice lays the groundwork for you to be able to open up your vision (Third Eye Chakra) and connect to your Higher Self and to the higher frequencies of the universe (Crown Chakra).

PLUS: Follow an awesome meditation and find your stillpoint of deep PEACE within...

"This is the one course I've ever looked forward to each new lesson and done every day without fail and I've loved it! DanaGita takes you on a holistic healing journey that helps free your voice! Thank you!"

Debra, coach

Awaken Your Voice as your most potent

Healing Instrument

This course is the basis of all of my work in the Awakened Voice Academy. The alignment that you create through the Elements and the Chakras is the first building block.

You will discover valuable Voice Work tools to expand the range and flexibility of your voice and your confidence in self-expression. All of the tools are designed for you to easily build them into your daily self-care routine.

Learn how to open up your body vessel for more resonance to amplify the subtle power of your True Voice. You'll practice becoming the observer of all of your emotions (energies in motion), without getting stuck in past trauma.

The aim is to align yourself with the sound vibrations of your own voice and Soul Sound Signature and thus connect with the highest frequencies of the Universe.

Access this self-learning course to start strengthening your presence on Earth & awakening your very own Voice Healing instrument!

Introducing your Host


I was born a Czech and have lived most of my life in Switzerland. After suffering a severe health and life crisis in my early twenties, I found my favourite healing modality: the sound of my own voice.

In the last 35 years, I have diligently explored the science of healing with subtle energies and vibrational frequencies, focusing on the human voice.

My love for NATURE, my curious heart and playful spirit and my strong alignment to Source energy, have allowed me to develop many more skills - some of which may be called extrasensory.

Today, I am a singer, performer, intuitive voice healer, spiritual guide and mentor. I offer my gifts to open healing spaces with my voice and channel energies and SOUND-LIGHT CODES. This helps you to connect to your own Soul, align to your life's purpose and activate your highest gifts. I'd love to support your next steps on your spiritual journey to fulfillment and freedom.

In my Awakened Voice Academy, I teach and empower healing professionals, educators and coaches, who are on their spiritual path and wish to step up, speak up and share their voice to serve their clients even better

“This course is for you, if you seek to better connect with your voice and your physical and energy bodies - in unity with nature. What a unique combination!

I loved in particular the chants, and DanaGita’s magical ovetones made me tear up every time.

Brigitta, body awareness coach

Exactly what you’ll get when you join the SINGING


7 modules of focused training videos to activate the 5 Elements & your 7 Chakras for you to work through at your own pace

Exclusive access to Healing Element songs, overtones and meditations from DanaGita's private collection

Monthly Q&A Zoom calls (with no obligation) to connect with like-minded people, share and get all your questions answered. Get ready for a few typical DanaGita surprises as well 😉

BONUS 1 after working through all the elements (week 5): 25% discount on a private Throat Chakra analysis & healing session

BONUS 2 after completion: a very special Overtone Chanting Song - the spherical Overtones that can lift you to the highest realms - creating a space of serenity and peace

Access to the course for a full 3 MONTHS for you to complete the 7 Modules, and repeat as often as you wish. You can take it easy and enjoy the journey at your own pace.

Your investment in yourself to join this 7-week self-learning course + 3 LIVE Q&A sessions is:


"It was a true joy to participate in this course and it became a transformative process for me; balancing, nurturing and expanding my consciousness. I gained confidence to use my voice more freely and without trammels. I feel realigned and more capable to trust my inner voice. And I loved the nature part of it."

Miroslava, nurse


This is what you may want to know

When can I start?

You can start as soon as you sign up! You will get access to new course materials every week for 7 weeks in a row. The membership remains open for you for a full 3 months from your purchase.

Do I need to know how to sing?

It is not necessary that you are familiar with singing. When you follow the instructions carefully, your voice and singing skills will improve naturally.

This course is not so much about learning how to sing beautifully - it's all about awakening the healing quality in your voice and connecting to the inner powers of your subtle energy system!

I’m an accomplished singer, is this for me?

If you feel called, then be welcome! Whatever voice skills you bring, you will find that you can grow and expand your skills even more. This course is about awakening the healing power within your voice. You will learn how to use your voice to activate particular energies and find inner balance.

How much time do I need to reserve for this course?

To make the best of your transformational journey, you are asked to follow the weekly video classes, taking no more than 10-12 minutes. Once you've learned the process, you are invited to implement the exercises into your daily routine as often as you wish. I recommend practising 3-4 times each week to make the best of this wonderful opportunity for inner growth and transformation. The additional songs and meditations are some 5-12 minutes long and you can access them at any time. Enjoy this quality time of self-care and allow the best possible transformation and balancing.

Are there group sessions planned?

This is a self-learning course. But you can always reach out to me using the contact button in the course area. I'm happy to hear how you're doing and love to answer questions related to the material. Get ready for some typical DanaGita surprises 😉 There will be monthly Group Q&A sessions with DanaGita's valuable support in your process. No obligation to join, but trust me, you don't want to miss it. Dates: every last Thursday of the month, 28th July, 25th August, 29th September...

How long does the course run?

The course is a self-lead journey over 7 weeks,. You can do the exercises and sing your songs whenever you find time and repeat them as often as you like. The membership remains open for you for a full 3 months from your purchase.

Is there a refund policy?

This is a high-value course in which I will teach you tools I have developed in over 35 years of experience. You have a 10-day trial period. If you are unhappy with your purchase after exploring the first two modules, then let me know by email and you'll get your investment back.

You can start anytime !

Are you ready to join and sing with the 5 Elements?

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If you have any additional question, simply contact me through this LINK and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

"A deep, moving experience which connects you to nature, to your voice and to yourself. DanaGita holds rare, unique knowledge and shares from her heart, with great care and integrity. This experience can truly change your perspective about yourself in this world.

Lynn, business coach

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